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put your ♥ on your sleeve

""If I'm not here no one will understand you! Why do you think they asked me to come?""
- -Kim Heechul (to HanKyung on YSMM)

Just your regular 18 year old who's life has been taken over by kpop. To be more specific, the boys of Super Junior. They brighten up my days ^^ Oh these boys... I love them so hard ♥♥

I'm a romantic and an old-school kind of girl. I still think guys should make an effort to be chivalrous and that girls shouldn't be too forward when with guys. Boo hiss if you want, I'm just traditional that way.

In a nutshell though, I'm a really simple person. Too simple to the point that some people think my life's totally boring. But I like my life - most of the time. Just that the boys of SuJu make it better XD

Matthew 19:26 - "With God, all things are possible"

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